More New Products !!

I'm excited to announce that since our last blog posting, we have added about 20 new products ranging from T-shirts in all Collections and household goods. It is my great honor and pleasure to create these designs for each of you. I get a delight just from spreading a positive and/or an uplifting word to another soul out there. There are many people in all types of different walks of faith amongst us and I want you to know that I don't discriminate against any of them. Some of my products and merchandise focuses on Christianity because that is my personal beliefs. However, the main focus and goals of this store and my ideas for each design are positive based with an uplifting message in mind. I come from a deep place of spirituality because I feel the connection to God richly in that way. I truly believe that the spirit lives. Both God's spirit and the human spirit after death. It is my goal to spread, share, encourage and uplift any and every one, no matter your degree of faith. With an open heart and spirit, God can meet anyone where they are. So, please help me spread his love and keep yourself encouraged and moving forward. --- Don't forget the check out the new products on the site.

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